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Whats Wrong?

The absurdity of moral outrage in a universe of pitiless indifference.

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What It All Points To

When it comes down to looking at all the facts accepted by scholarship that surround Jesus’ “resurrection,” the best explanation is that Jesus was indeed raised from the dead.

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It’s Only Natural?

Naturalism, as a worldview has come to dominate western thought in recent decades. This is most evident within the academy, particularly the sciences, but naturalism pervades pop culture, and its ubiquity is evident in subtle and not so subtle ways

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What A Piece of Work is a Man

You and I are merely products of a cosmological game of chance.  This is what many in the scientific community tell us.  “The Cosmos is all that is or was or ever will be.” This famous quote from Carl Sagan

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What science cannot discover

There is no question that the modern world, with its technological wonders, advancements in medicine, and discoveries that reshape our understanding of the universe, is greatly indebted to the sciences.  From the Large Hadron Collider that has opened up the

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Can God do Anything?

Recently a student in the Apologetics Connect group that I facilitate at my home church posed an age-old question.  It was phrased a little different from what I remember, but in essence it was the “Big Cosmic Rock” argument.  This

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What is Truth?

When Pontius Pilate famously asked Jesus “what is truth,” he didn’t stick around for a reply (John 18.28).  The Postmodern world seems to have abandoned the question altogether, at least in terms of absolute reality.  Any claim about things that

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